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Are your emotions making you sick?

Sit down in a quiet place, take three slow breaths, and bring your focus to your own body. Search your body for any tension, any pain, or discomfort. Focus on that area for a moment and think of any emotion, any emotion will work but try to think of one that you can associate with the pain or discomfort in your body, better yet, give that pain a voice and ask it what emotion it feels, usually that voice will say anger, hurt, judgement, rejection or pain. If you hear that voice name and emotion, you have just taken the first step towards discovering the source of your pain.

Since we started in 2009 there has been a continuous recurrence of discomfort and disease among customers, friends, and family. This has raised a few interesting questions for us. How can someone cure themselves of a disease only to have it come back within a few months or years? Sometimes it comes back to the very same spot, and sometimes it comes back somewhere else. It doesn’t come back for everyone, some never get it again.

There also doesn’t appear to be a link between the physical health and the return of the disease. For instance, a middle-aged healthy man who exercises daily and eats healthy, yet suffers mild depression gets sick, he takes the steps to cure the physical body and is successful, but 5 years later the sickness returns and he starts the exercise again. Then you have an elderly woman, smokes a pack of cigarets a day, no exercise, poor diet but a very good outlook on life and positive attitude. Se also gets sick, takes steps to health the body and continues with life as it was and lives to a ripe old age before passing on.

There is more of a correlation between the emotional bodies than the physical. So let’s examine the physical aspect of emotional trauma. What is emotional trauma? Emotional trauma is the experience of any negative emotion that cannot be easily expressed or understood by the human psyche, it can be as large as seeing a loved one die in front of you or as small as an unkind word said by a parent or sibling. In both experiences, the brain releases something called a peptide or an electrical signal you could even call it a memory marker, this marker is released by the brain and is stored inside the body for further recollection, this is why when you remember an experience that left you with a strong emotion, you are able to recall exactly how you felt at the time, you can literally relive the experience in your mind in every detail.

This peptide or emotional marker travels through your body and finds a receptor to sit on, this receptor is now closed and incapable of functioning properly until the marker has been removed. Now the human body has a remarkable ability to regenerate itself. You get a complete set of new lung cells every six weeks, new eyes every 48 hours, new liver once a year and new skin every 10-30 days. So if this happening at such as fast pace, how can disease survive in the body? Well, do you remember that memory marker? Every time a cell dies it is replaced by a new one and passes back its memories to the new cell before it passes on. This is how you can cure your body of a disease yet the problem returns, the cellular memory that caused the problem was not addressed.

I recently attended a workshop call The Journey. It was a 3-day intensive where you learn how to address these emotional memories in your own body and replace the negative emotions with a positive experience allowing the memory marker to be processed normally and removed from the receptor. This process clears the cellular memory and allows the cell to pass only clean information to its replacement preventing a reoccurrence of any disease associated with that memory. It does not remove the memory from your body, just the negative emotion attached to the memory, the day after the process you may still feel the same about the experience, but as time goes on the negative association becomes less and less until one day the memory has very little or no negative impact on you when you think about it.

To me, this perfectly explains how you can be completely rid of a disease yet it returns years later. It also explains how the woman with little negative emotional attachment to her experiences was able to overcome disease and not have it return, yet the man with a definite emotional attachment to an experience was not able to completely overcome the disease. Please visit the Journey website and take the classes if you are interested in harnessing your own ability to heal emotional wounds, or if you would like to become a practitioner and help others overcome their emotional blockages. There is also a section where you can find registered practitioners who can facilitate the process for you.

By David Dacre 

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