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The advanced Essential Oil Blend of ImmunX combines several botanical extracts and essential oils known for bolstering the immune system, helping people maintain healthy, and recovering faster from colds and cases of flu.

The extracts of the herbs and spices found in ImmunX were used throughout history to make people healthier. Several of the components, like the oregano and cedar extracts, destroy illness-causing bacteria in your body and works to stimulate macrophages and cytokines of the immune system to recognize and destroy viruses quickly (studies linked below).

The most significant benefit of this proprietary blend is the micronized oil blend that increases the potency of each of the extracts. In a study in the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, reducing the oil particles in size, down to the nanoscale sometimes, can increase the absorption rates, increases the time in the body to be available for absorption, and reduces stress on the intestine and gallbladder.