Are Essential Oils Edible?

Yes! Essential oils are edible, but the in the right amounts to be therapeutic, too much can be harmeful to the body. Both Young Living and DoTerra the two largest essential oil companies in the United States have essential oil supplements.

Essential oils are quickly gaining traction in the natural health market for the speedĀ  of their effectiveness. By 2035, the essential oil industry may be a leader in natural health.

Nature Reigns has developed a proprietary formula that converts essential oils into salts, this makes the oils 96% more Bio-available to the body than an oil.

90 Days Risk Free

Our formulas contain perfectly balanced essential oils and plant extracts. Our research has shown that the medicinal and cosmetic plants that we use have been an integral part of traditional therapies for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. They have been identified through generations of study in natural health. We are so confident in the integrity of our products that we are offering a no risk, 90-day money back guarantee. If any of our products do not live up to your expectations, give us a call at 1888-736-2887 and we will give you a full refund.


What is Nature Reigns?

Nature Reigns is a family owned business built on more than 30 years of experience in holistic and natural health. From growing herb and vegetable gardens to herbal remedies for our children and grandchildren, we thrive on new and exciting ways to improve our lives naturally. Between the four Dacre children, there were only two doctor visits in the 20 years they were at home with their parents. The testimonies we receive from our customers are life-changing stories of success, achieved in a very short amount of time using our unique herbal formulations.

In 2009 we discovered a revolutionary combination of plant extracts that we called the nano-serum. This powerful nano-serum breaks down plant extracts to their smallest possible size, allowing them to be absorbed by every cell in your body in a very short amount of time, delivering the macro and micro nutrients that the human body needs to build new, healthier cells. This is how our products achieve such remarkable results in so little time. Nature Reigns is on the cutting edge of organic nanochemistry, our research is dedicated to providing the human body with the tools it needs to repair its self.

Our unique natural health products were designed to support the bodies innate healing ability and nurture every cell in your body, from head to toe. Our range includes:

  • Natural cell regenerating skin care products
  • Herbal stress and anxiety relief
  • Natural detox
  • Herbal Immune support
  • Natural mineral supplements

All of our formulations are handcrafted and contain pure essential oils and plant extracts. We use no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or animal tested ingredients, the only non-vegan ingredient we use is sustainably harvested beeswax.


One of my patients has been using Health Tonic+ for a dental infection in their mouth. I saw the biggest change in one month that I’ve ever seen with anybody under any conditions.