Essential Oils Edible

Nature reigns is a nanocutical company that specializes in 100% plant based nano supplements and high efficacy herbal blends. in 2009 we developed a proprietary substance called nano serum that we use to break particles down to their smallest form, allowing for maximum absorption into every cell in the body including the brain. The nano-scale of our liquid based formulas means that multiple particles of active ingredinet can fit inside a single cell of the human body with close to a 100% absorbtion rate.

Nature Reigns also parters with other feild leading companies such as Alive Innovations who have made major advances in biofeedback technology and herbal formulations that that have a synergistic effect with Nature reigns products. Biofeedback is on the cusp of a new era in holistic health. Medical Doctors and General Practitioners are using biofeedback technology to isolate the root cause problem areas in the body, allowing the Doctor to treat the seed of pain and disharmony in the body in stead of the out of date process of elimination that has been used in the past.

All of our formulations are handcrafted and contain pure essential oils and plant extracts. We use no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or animal tested ingredients.


One of my patients has been using Health Tonic+ for a dental infection in their mouth. I saw the biggest change in one month that I’ve ever seen with anybody under any conditions.