Nature Reigns formulates and manufactures holistic products that contain therapeutic grade essential oils and plant extracts. Our ingredients are sustainably cultivated and harvested, vegan-friendly & cruelty-free.

Our unique natural health products were designed to boost the bodies innate healing ability and support a healthy immune system. Our range includes:

  • Natural skin care products
  • Herbal stress and anxiety relief
  • Herbal calmative/sedative
  • Natural body detox 
  • Herbal Immune booster
  • Natural mineral supplements 
  • Natural pH booster


I have had some excellent results with some of my patients. I recommended Health Tonic+ to a few diabetic patients which in the mean time gave very favorable feedback. Most of them struggle to control diabetes with their current medication and after using Health Tonic+, they not only feel a lot better, but Glucose control is stable between 5-6 ml!. One patient came down already 10 Units of Insulin during her day time regime. I do have the occasional high reading when the diet is not compliant but much less than ever before.

A unique blend of modern technology with ancient plant alchemy. Delivering nano size particles of water soluble minerals, nutrients and medicinal essential oils and plant extracts to every cell in your body. This formulation supports your body’s ability to remove old and damaged cells replacing them with fresh newly made cells. This product contains every mineral that your body needs to build new healthy cells. 


Harvested from the mountains of Lesotho South Africa, cold pressed in a farmhouse in the stunning Stellenbosch valley. This completely organic Rosehip oil has a light amber colour, a soft non greasy, highly moisturising feel and the subtle hint of fresh Jasmine. This product has a rich history in healing cosmetic products and is now made available specially to Nature Reigns' customers. 


Another tailored blend of herbal extracts from South Africa. Sustainably and organically cultivated, this exclusive blend is made in a cGMP compliant, FDA inspected nutraceutical facility. State of the art machinery is used to separate the chemical constituents from Sceletium tortuosum and recombine them in a unique formulation that naturally reduces stress, anxiety and mild depression. A natural calmative in low doses, and a mild sedative in higher doses, this natural stress relief is natures answer to a high stress environment.  


Naturally boosts low testosterone levels in older men to bring back youthful performance. 



Reduces the effects of menstrual cycles. Balances hormone levels, reduces cramps and bloating.