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Essential Oils Edible

I was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma brain tumor. It is terminal and I was given 4 months to live. I was in constant pain and my white blood cell count was around 2%. My immune system was shutting down. After 5 bottles of Health Tonic, my white blood cell count is up 25% and my brain tumor has shrunk 60% and has been downgraded to stage 2.

Florence R, Florida USA

The first step in any journey to good health is to clean and alkalize the body. Once this is done you have a great starting point. Our 1 month cleanse with 3 bottles of Health Tonic and 1 bottle of our South African liquid trace minerals will boost your pH levels, give a general detox, and start to drain your lymphatic system.

You can expect

  • Mild detox symptoms such as loose stool, headache, or muscle aches
  • Reduced blood sugar
  • Reduced blood pressure if high
  • Boosted immune function
  • More energy
  • Better sleep

Nature Reigns specializes in 100% plant-based nanoceuticals and high efficacy herbal blends. Our philosophy is to create balance in the body by supporting healthy Immune, endocrine, & lymphatic systems. In 2009 we developed a proprietary substance called nano serum that gave birth to our flagship product Health Tonic, we use the nano serum to break particles down to their smallest form, allowing for maximum absorption into every cell in the body, giving our nanoformulations the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

The nano-scale of our liquid-based formulas means that multiple particles of active ingredient can fit inside a single cell of the human body with close to a 100% absorption rate.

All of our formulations contain the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils and plant extracts. We use no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or animal tested ingredients.

Essential Oils Edible

More Testimonies 

I am 65 years of age. 25cm of my colon was removed and 7 lymph glands of which 3 were malignant. Instead of opting for chemo, because I wasn’t mentally prepared for the whole process, I opted for the Budwig diet and 30ml of Health Tonic daily. On the 5/04/2011 my cancer count was 184,9 U/mL a month later on the 16/05/2011 I was ecstatic, my Lancet tests showed a reduction down to 77,5 U/mL. I continued the process and subsequently, it reduced to 28/8 U/mL on 22/06/2011 and down to 2,5 U/mL on 4/08/2011. Thank goodness for this magnificent product.

Hennie S, South Africa


“Only two days of applying Health Tonic on severe eczema it’s clearing, mind you once a day! Can only imagine 7 days, two times a day. This is powerful.”

Margaret, Florida USA


I thought you might like to know that I have been discharged from the Rheumatology Clinic last week. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the Health Tonic. Earlier this year I couldn’t use my right arm. Stress was the major cause due to the grief of mourning four family members. I had Physiotherapy for months and was finally referred to the clinic with Osteoarthritis and there was nothing more they could do for me. I started taking the Health Tonic three times per day for a week and I began to see changes. I continued to take it twice daily until I started gradually using my arm again. I am so happy to say that I am now using my arm and doing all the things I used to do. Now I take it once per day to maintain my equilibrium. All I can say is that Health Tonic has truly worked for me and I can recommend it to anyone who should try it for themselves and see what happens. I will always have at least one bottle in the house just in case I feel the need for fortification.” THANK YOU SO MUCH! God Bless You All!


“80 days on Health Tonic and no inhaler no Protonix blood pressure was 130 over 84 now 112 over 71 feel great and calm, people I work with even noticed changes in attitude in me. I take 1 tbs every night and reign drops to chase it down, waiting on blood lab results to compare can’t wait. Praise to Father GOD FOR HIS INTERVENTION. this is GREAT. I’ll keep you posted on the blood work when it comes in and we’ll see how the thyroid comes out many we can lower dose well see LORD WILLING”

Douglas, USA 2017


I managed to get some bottles of Health Tonic and I’m amazed how well it works. I was always tired and had allergies (rhinitis), but since taking Health Tonic I haven’t been sneezing and that itchy nose is gone. I’m happy with the results.”

“My aunt has high blood pressure gave her a bottle she said the results are remarkable. Wait for more testimonials……”

Mary, South Africa


My blood pressure has been rather high. The other night it was 158 over 79. After taking Health Tonic, the next day it dropped to 156 over 69 and I have been sleeping better as well. I am very pleased.”

Elsie Y, USA


“Since taking the Health Tonic I have been sleeping better and I have a lot more energy. I just feel better overall.

Rob I, USA


“I have insomnia and usually only get about 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night. After my first day of drinking Health Tonic, I slept the whole night.”

Frances V USA


“I started using External on a lump on the side of my throat. After 2 weeks of applying it, it is almost gone. I have used it on other growths on my arm and they are completely gone now.I believe that between the Health Tonic and External, there are no boundaries in health issues, that cannot be healed by this product. I believe that this is another tool that God is using through this company to heal our bodies.”

Gordon P, Shelburne Falls Massachusetts USA